Strasbourg, the German city? Nice. — But NOOO!!

Which is the reaction I have had from tons of people. And I dont blame them: for one, the word is germanic and then, there also exists the lesser-known city Strasburg (without the gallicized ‘o’) north-east of Germany.

So while I am at it, why dont you acquaint yourself with the city I’ll call home for the next 7 months?!

Strasbourg is located pretty much at a centre point in Europe and is the official seat of the European Parliament. A city with famed heritage sites, illuminated noël markets, german-influenced cuisine, and more importantly winstubs (local Alsatian taverns!).

I will be teaching at 2 lycées (high school) ~4 kms apart and staying somewhere in between with a Trinidad-French family. What I am looking forward to, weather consenting, is cycling to work!!

Here are a couple of photos of the schools that I managed to find:

The second school looks so calm and serene — will it be wishful thinking to hope the students are similar? Teaching 15-18 years old’s is not going to be the easiest task, but more on that a month later, when we are in the real-world!
More on Strasbourg

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