Pop in for a wee drink!

GlenfiddichAllow me to introduce you to Glen.

Glen is an ageless man who was born in Dufftown, an unassuming but picturesque part of Scotland and continues to live there. Having started small more than a century ago and worked his way through difficult times, Glen is now known world over with a loyal fan base, some of who come to pay homage whenever they visit Scotland. Glen has a distillery (aha, now we are talkin’) with the River Fiddich running close-by which incidentally, is home to several scotch distilleries.

GlenfiddichThe 10 of us (yes, babies included!) paid a visit to Glen to see the magic behind this great name. Lost our way a couple of times and almost gave up but the forces pulled us towards him and eventually we got there.

Our free distillery tour pre-started with a visit to the cafeteria where we had the first home-grown taste of the liquid followed by a delicious fruit & nut cake infused with – well, what else?! Lighter heads, off we trudged to a simulatory tour on the life story of Glen with visuals and the works. Informative. Next part was visiting the factory to see the dGlenfiddichifferent stages of whisky-making. Hot rooms with weird smells of warm rye or barley. A lanky Scot decked in traditional attire took us through the whole process patiently answering random queries. Finally, we finished the tour just the way such tours must end – getting us visitors to sit around li’l round tables and concluding with a tasting session of the 12, 15 & 18 year old malt. Ah. Definitely not for the faint hearted.

Go for:

– the free tour and the whisky, if you please!

– the grandly done-up women’s restroom (really, bizarre as it may sound!)

– the scenic drive, getting lost and making full use of Google Maps


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3 thoughts on “Pop in for a wee drink!

  1. Sounds amazing! I just did a scotch tasting here in the US, but I’m sure it’s much better at the sorce!

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