Goin’ nuts over Granola

I finally got to making my own granola after concluding that the Nestlés and Kelloggs of the world weren’t even half as healthy as they proclaimed to be, and the ones that seemed genuine were priced exorbitantly. And so, I investigated and stumbled upon a couple of websites and had a go at it.

Result: Making your own granola is RIDICULOUSLY easy!

So basically, I zeroed in on the Barefoot Contessa recipe and then did my own thing. That is, I reduced the amount of sugar (even replaced with honey a couple of times), didn’t have a stock of berries so added some lemon zest. I am citrus-crazy, in case you didn’t know. Give me a lime and I will eat the whole fruit without batting an eyelid!

Oats granola barefoot contessa

My recommendation:

  • Layer a flat-base bowl with low fat/skimmed yoghurt (as much as you want!)
  • Add chopped strawberries and apples on top of it
  • Keep in the chill tray for an hour or so (I go to work and keep it straight inside the frigo)
  • Remove it and add a generous layer of granola 
  • Slice into the whole thing and have a spoonful. Yumminess redefined.
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2 thoughts on “Goin’ nuts over Granola

  1. Mythili

    Great stuff! Keep ’em coming!

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