Afternoon tea

My first afternoon tea date. With myself.

Having set foot upon the picturesque town of Stratford upon Avon, better known as the birthplace of Shakespeare, camouflaged my jet lag and walked a couple of kilometres to undergo the quintessential British experience. Foursquare recommended Hathaway tea rooms and so, there I went.

hathaway tea rooms scones

Frankly, scones and clotted butter are not really my cup of tea but that said, they were fresh out of the oven and moreover, the pot of peppermint tea was refreshing and a welcome change from the ‘English breakfasts’ and ‘Earl Grey’s!

hathaway tea rooms scones
Also got chatting with a welsh lady who’d come to meet her aged mother staying at a nearby village; she was so appalled by a couple who ordered a 3-tiered tea meal (looking very pretty with scones, sandwiches and cakes!) and left wasting almost everything, that we ended up having a conversation ranging from poverty and diversity to of course, the unpredictable British weather. While she was annoyed that a ‘beautiful’ sunny day had given way to rains (yet again), I couldn’t have been happier!

I won’t go back for those scones but this was indeed a wonderful afternoon tea, as British as could be, in a quiet shakespearean hamlet.

What next, a midsummer night’s dream, perhaps? 😉

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