Wey aye Geordie!

Remember an earlier post where I hoped that my employer would send me to the UK on work? One year later and it happened!

I went to London for a week-long training and was fortunate enough to spend a day with 4 other colleagues in the Geordie land of Newcastle upon Tyne (Geordie being a regional nickname for those from parts of the Northeast as well as the regional dialect). I was asked to keep my ears open to the style of English spoken and to watch out for locals who are known to dress up in as little as possible despite the chilly english weather!

Geordie newcastleThe city was cold and deserted when we walked out from the Newcastle station on a rainy Tuesday evening. Not wanting to waste the night in our hotel rooms, we headed out to the city centre, with a guide-cum-cabbie who made a few detours and took us through some landmarks. No accent as yet.

Went to a newly opened bar-and-grill and had a wonderful time getting to know recently-met colleagues. 4 waiters served us and none of them was a Geordie. Sigh. Finally on our way back, the cabbie spoke in true local style and despite not understanding much, I learnt a few local phrases. And discovered that Mark Knopfler was a Newcastle boy!

Newcastle geordie

Spent the next morning in a meeting inside a beautiful Victorian building and soon after, rushed to take the train back to London. A super-short but fun trip to Geordie land.

If you visit the city, here is a link to some typical phrases that you may want to use!

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2 thoughts on “Wey aye Geordie!

  1. Hope you had a canny trip 🙂

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