The Roaring Girl

I watched a play – The Roaring Girl – at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford upon Avon and boy, what an incredible experience!

Stratford upon avon RSC

Despite the touristy summer season, I was fortunate enough to avail an online ticket just a week before I left. Got a ‘Gallery One’ seat, which was a second-floor so viewing was ‘long sight’ but clear nevertheless.

The play – no, not a Shakespearean one – was classified as a ‘rebellious comedy’, lasted 3 hours with a mini-break and was entertaining, to say the least. Photography (recording, rather) wasn’t allowed but the indian in me managed to sneak in a couple photos for future records. Hey hey, harmless.

Stratford avon royal shakespeare

Stratford avon roaring girl

The theatre has a small and buzzing cafe and apparently a lovely roof-top restaurant. However there was a beautiful park right outside the theatre and a cranberry-brie sandwich & Pimm’s was just about enough to sit contently in a corner, soak in the wonderfully cold air & a wee bit of sun and people-watch!

Stratford upon avon pimms 

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