And then it was Greece.

A bunch of 5 friends across Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.

But first, the sunburn.

Spent 10 days in Greece towards the end of June. All I asked for was pleasant weather, coming from the Emirati desert. Instead, I returned with a sunburn. Because Athens is all about walking around and taking a trip down history. So we bore the brunt of the raging summer sun and kept ourselves periodically happy with food and mythos. Ah, Greek effect on the stomach. Coming soon in another exclusive post.

We spent 4 days in Athens, 3 in Santorini and 3 in Mykonos. I must admit that the capital city didn’t particularly impress me the way it should have. I’ll conveniently blame that on the sunburn. But if you eat and sleep history, then Athens is the place to be. And while I loved history in school, I am no museum fan. One of the friends that I was traveling with was a historical encyclopedia in herself and a constant guide on our museum visits. It was an incredible experience learning about doric columns and greek architecture, the Cycladic and Mycenaean civilizations and more that I couldn’t have cared about before. All said, I am done with my fair share of museums for a long time to come!

Athens greece

Santorini was as postcard pretty as it is made out to be. The white-and-blue houses that I’d dreamed about and even mentioned in an Andalusia post of long-ago totally lived up to expectations. We rented a car and spent 3 white-and-blue days (ouzo and the beach, I mean) in this gorgeous croissant-shaped island. Santorini is well known as a wedding destination and I even had a long-sight view of a live one. Sigh. On a separate note, I will go back someday to Santorini with the husb. Not to renew wedding vows ofcourse (I am kind enough not to put him through another ordeal).

Athens Santorini

Mykonos followed Santorini and I’d like to assume that was possibly why it couldn’t quite live up to our expectations. Away from the party hotspots (it is also considered to be one of the leading gay holiday destinations of the world) I have reason to believe that the island, though much smaller than Santorini, is beautiful in its own way with the famous windmills and an old world charm. And I also spent a 24th birthday dancing on a table (Yeah ok, there’s a lie somewhere in between).

Athens Mykonos

Verdict? Must must experience. Save up some money first.


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