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Dubai Water Canal

I must confess that, had I not lived in Dubai, it would never make it in my list of top must-visit places. Simply because it is a man-made city created from a desert and personally, I’d have no desire to travel somewhere to see a bunch of well-made concrete structures.  Having said that, I appreciate and am highly grateful as a resident of Dubai for all the comforts it continues to provide on a professional and personal front. And over the last couple of years, I am in awe of all that the government has done and continues to do in trying to make the city one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world.

On that note, I spent an evening strolling by the recently constructed water canal. The Dubai Water Canal was inaugurated in Oct 2016, three years after it was first announced. The changes made to Sheikh Zayed Road, the arterial road that connects the emirates, is commendable considering all that has been done in a short span of time and within the stipulated deadline.

The water canal is a 12-kilometre waterway that connects Dubai Creek with the Arabian Gulf and will eventually feature a jogging track, restaurants and cafes along the promenade and marine stations with regular ferry of passengers. As always, Dubai wants to make a noise about it –  I even noticed that they have Bose speakers installed along the walkway!! This project will also feature ‘smart’ electric poles and other tech-elements to fulfill requirements of Dubai’s aim to become the Smartest City in the world!

Here’s a first glimpse of the water canal and the bridges, view of Downtown Dubai and of course, Burj Khalifa.

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Burj Khalifa

Just as we are getting set for the long and dreadfully hot summer ahead, a welcome drizzle came unannounced. Having attended a conference near Dubai mall a few days ago, i was walking to the metro through the recently constructed metro link and there she was standing proud and tall as always. I paused to look and took this photo – an obtrusive view of the Burj Khalifa through paned glass, with the sun peeping out of the clouds on one side.


Here’s one more, taken sometime back – a more commonly viewed sight at night when the lady is dressed in a shimmering and awe-worthy evening gown!

Burj Khalifa Night

I’m not really rushing to go up the tower and see the view from above anytime soon, but if you choose to come to Dubai and do that, you can find more details here!

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