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Camping in Oman

Tent: Check
Sleeping bags: Check
Utensils, instant noodles and tea bags: Check

And thus I had my first real camping experience!

Having got into Khasab the previous night and spent part of the next day watching dolphins from a dhow, we drove around the little town of Khasab and eventually found a camping spot right by the waters and installed our tents beside a few early other early campers. The friend, resourceful as he always is, had brought along logs of wood and soon enough, we had a warm bonfire amidst us and were contemplating life by the beach on a chilly night. After some chai, we got into our cozy li’l tents and called it a night. The next few hours were as blissful as could omanbe. I mean, how often do you sleep to the recurring sound of waves only to wake up and be reassured that this couldn’t get better?

Absolute. Heaven.

The morning after, the boys soaked in some sun (while I continued to lull to the sound of waves) and a quick breakfast later, we begun our journey back to Dubai.

Notes from this experience:

– Camping is a BIG winter past time in this region. Common to see a lot of Arabs driving many kilometers into the desert even if it is just for a night

– Discovered that there is a whole world of camping items stocked in supermarkets right from candles and logs of wood to camping diners and generators! (Yes, there are families that even instal a generator for lights at the camp area, beats the purpose if you ask me!)

– Make the most of the region and its deserts! Unfortunately, the winter has gone past and I cant wait for the next one to drive back to Oman and explore newer campsites!








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