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Hot cross buns…

…or so I’d like to think. But apart from a very feeble cross I made on top of them, they are just plain simple country buns. It’s just that I’m so chuffed about how nicely they turned out, this being my very first attempt with breads. Crunchy on the outside and super soft inside. It aint as ’round’ as it should be but I think that just makes it look rustic! With all the health alerts and brown/wholemeal breads in the market, it has been ages since I have had good ol’ white bread. So this couldn’t have been a better comeback. Yum! (Well, a little self-gloat never hurt anyone, did it?) 😉

I randomly picked up this recipe off the internet since it appeared to be the quickest one and followed it to a tee. Et voilà!


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