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The Doors, limited edition!

YellowI loved sketching and more specifically, architecture during my teen years and at some point my uncle, an architect, persuaded me to take it up as a career option. Life had other plans and so flew by, the years. A bit of travel here and IMG_2222there within India brought the camera out and photos of quaint constructions, temples, and other such structures were taken. My interest in buildings ended there.

And then came along Europe where all of a sudden the atmosphere was so different from that back home and the architecture – an integral part of European history – very much preserved and oh-so-beautiful. When you are suddenly part of another culture, there is so much excitement and so much to Redsoak in that sometimes, you miss seeing the obvious.

The obvious here, being doors – such an essential component of every home. As I walked back from school one evening exploringFloral a different route, I saw this closed boulangerie (bakery) with what I thought was a very interesting looking door.  The Japanese part of me (that plays a very dominant role in my travels) immediately got the good ol’ Canon out of my bag and a couple of photos were quickly taken before I continued to stand and admire it a little longer. 

After that, everywhere I went, my mind got attuned to paying extra attention to doors. Evidently, European homes try and blend quaint with colour and some of these doors are testimony to that.

Sagrada Familia

And while we are on Europe and architecture, how can I miss mentioning Sagrada Familia, Barcelona and Gaudi’s famed structure that draws thousands of tourists each day. But to be honest, I didn’t fancy it that much – possibly having not spent as much time inside as I should have (I absolutely loved the other quirky works of Gaudi, though).  Gaudi’s life is a fascinating one and we got a brief introduction to it through our hostel tour guide. Nevertheless, back to the subject – any guesses what I loved most about the church? Yeah of course, the door.

Two massive heavy-looking entrances made of stone and metal. Dark and covered with a sculpted jumble of words adorning the outer panels. Apparently, the words are taken from the Bible representing various languages including Catalan with some highlighted in gold, notably Jesus in the centre. Divine, indeed.

Now living in a ‘concrete desert‘, door-observation has taken a break as there’s not much variety to the hotel suite-like doors here. And funnily, as I bring this post to an end I suddenly realise how I’ve rarely come across an open door. Yes, all doors that I passed by were invariably closed, what a contrast to Indian homes! Something to do with the cold weather, or perhaps it’s in the culture? What do you think?

And on that note, please do take a look at the little colourful album I put together here for more proof on closed doors! (Ps: I’m still figuring out Pinterest).


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